Rep. of Malta

Malta has always played a key role in commercial relations between Europe and North Africa. Malta has always been strongly linked to Europe, partly also being a part of the Sicily Kingdom. Since the end of the British colony rule, Malta emerged to a well-connected hub for business and production in the Mediterranean, with maritime and shipyard business always being in the focus.

Since its EU accession in 2004, under the Government of Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, Malta became a preferred jurisdiction for international businesses and industry, providing a professional business environment, business-friendly fiscal conditions, and a skilled labour force. Malta is home to the Vodafone data centre serving the entire Mediterranean region and South Europe, to Playmobil, which produces about 80 % of its products in Malta, and BMW Malta Finance Ltd, which provides car purchase finance facilities to car sellers of various brands in the EU, just to name a few.

Malta is the strictest EU country in terms of implementation of EUR Directives, which leads to the high reputation enjoyed by Maltese finance companies.

Shanda Consult is proud to be closely affiliated with the Gonzi & Associates, the law firm headed by the son of Lawrence Gonzi. The two firms, Gonzi & Ass. and Shanda Consult, complete each other perfectly and are thus able to provide a wide scope of consulting and professional services.


Malta is located in the centre of the Mediterranean sea and consists of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Its capital city is Valetta. With its approximately 403.000 inhabitants Malta constitutes one of the states worldwide with the highest population density. Maltese is a semitic language, around 50% of its vocabulary are of European origin. Malta has been independent from the United Kingdom since 1964. It is  a member state of the EU since 2004.